PROPHET'S vocals are mythical and magical.  because of this, you might feel a sense of euphoria and pleasure while listening to the magnetic and insightful words of the, PROPHET.  The words of the, PROPHET will engulf your mind and spirit and may even become addicting.  The more you listen, the more your mind will be lost within the world of the PROPHET.  PROPHET is NOT responsible for any drooling or the blowing of bubbles that may occur. 

credits for music composition(s) below:
Anttu Janhunen https://soundcloud.com/anttu-janhunen (Track(s) 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9 from, "Seventh Sin" album)
Jacob Lizotte https://www.darkcabin-studios.com (track(s) 7 from, "Seventh Sin" album)